A Gender Discrimination Case Against Riot Games Will Pay $10 Million

A Gender Discrimination Case Against Riot Games Will Pay $10 Million

After a class action lawsuit against Riot Games was resolved in August, the details of the payment were not made public. It appears that the developer has agreed to pay at least $10 million to contractors and workers who identify as women and have worked for the company for the previous five years, according to court records viewed by the media, Employees who have worked for the company for a certain amount of time are entitled for a dividend from the pot, but the amount they get will depend on their length of service. Contractors, on the other hand, earn less money than full-time employees.

An investigation by Kotaku first exposed the League of Legends creator’s “bro” and “men-first” workplace culture, which characterised an atmosphere where females are frequently discriminated against. One former and one present employee then filed a lawsuit against the company for violating the California Equal Pay Act, describing a workplace where “phantom humming,” “crotch grabbing,” and “beautiful girl” lists purportedly go unchecked. It was also alleged that Riot Games refused to promote and even demoted vocal female employees and removed their benefits as part of the class action lawsuit.

More than 150 employees walked out earlier this year in protest of a move filed by the business to force the plaintiffs into adjudication. According to the settlement documents, Riot Games has boosted internal reporting activities, established a dedicated chief diversity officer, and begun a “examination of all promotion, compensation and recruiting mechanisms to support transparency and fairness” since the settlement.

However, Riot Games has already stated that it plans to publish more games in the League of Legends universe, but the company will not be developing them. To “supplement its own development and research endeavour,” it’s forming a new publishing label called “Riot Forge” with third-party independent studios.

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