Apple Watch software updates now include a feature to protect your hearing

Apple Watch software updates now include a feature to protect your hearing

The newest version of the Apple Watch will be released this autumn. Noise, a new feature that will be released soon, will inform you if the amount of noise in a user’s surrounding vicinity is high enough to be harmful to their hearing. It is possible to receive an alert when particular noise thresholds are exceeded, which is currently only available in the beta version of this programme. The noise levels utilised in this feature were in accordance with the World Health Organization recommendations. According to these guidelines, the most amount of time you may spend listening to 80 dB, 85 dB, 90 dB, 95 dB, and 100 dB in a single day is 5 hours, 2 hours, 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and 3 minutes. These boundaries are based on solid study and facts, and they may be relied upon.

After 3 minutes, the user will be notified that the environmental volume has exceeded its predefined limits for a second time. Also possible is for the Apple Watch to display real-time dB measurements on the wrist.

Normally, the noise level near a computer is 34 dB, but typing raises it to 45 dB in that same location. Excessive exposure to loud music (over 80 dB) for more than 5 hours a day might be hazardous to health. If safety precautions are not strictly adhered to, permanent hearing loss or a ringing sensation may result.

The restriction of 100 dB might be exceeded by merely whistling loudly in close proximity to the Apple Watch…. Being in the same setting for more than three minutes will result in alerts saying that the sound levels were dangerously high, with the potential to cause hearing impairment. With the help of this widget, one might assess the dangers of a few noise-pollution situations. The sound levels of events such as concerts might be monitored. Depending on the results, earplugs may be required if the acceptable levels have been exceeded.

Accuracy of measurements might be compromised by wind or water, according to Apple. User experience during swimming or beach activities may be compromised as a result of this. It further noted that no noises were kept or recorded for measuring reasons, putting any concerns about privacy to rest.

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